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A police officer who has sex with three women while he was on duty has been jailed. PC Darren Heath, 45, wore his uniform to visit “vulnerable” victims and turned off his radio during sex.

The famous porn star Jenna Jameson has been removed from the dignitary position she was holding at Oxford University.

Lauren Brim, 31, grew up in a Christian family in Orange County, CA, which taught sex is sacred in marriage. It is global a social construct, she says, built to wound women sexually.

Zid director Vivek Agnihotri says he wants nothing to do with film in its current avatar

A new, steamy trailer for Fifty Shades of Grey is more intense and seductive than the first sneak-peek that came out in July. The movie's second trailer premiered Thursday night during an episode of ABC's Scandal, tantalizing fans with an opening shot of a shirtless Christian Grey, dressing in front of a meticulously organized closet. Watch the Fifty Shades trailer here.

Artist Patrick Fillion mixes his love of superheroes with the iconic artwork created by Tom of Finland to create comics that both titillate and entertain. read more

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