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Navigating the waters (hurt feelings) of puppy play. Plus: I made my boyfriend’s fantasy come true and he is pissed? by Dan Savage Q I'm a 25-year-old gay male into puppy play. About a year ago, I joined a pack with one Sir and several puppies.… [ Read more ] [ Subscribe to the comments on this story ]

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The erotic drama starring Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan is currently shooting in Vancouver. read more

Within 20 seconds of tonight's Channel 4 documentary, we're told that online porn is 'turning our kids into psychopaths'. At that point I almost gave up, but I'm glad I didn't Britain has come a long way since 1986 when TV's red triangle would warn of (what sounds to my Australian ear as) "sex wheel imagery". Nowadays the most extreme hardcore pornography is just a few clicks away on the …

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