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The Erotic Bakery will sell its last penis cake at the end of September. Owner Kimmie Barnett told The Stranger's Bethany Jean Clement that the store, opened in 1986 as Marzi Tarts and renamed The Erotic Bakery in 1999, is…

It is known as the eternal erotic destination, the ultimate heaven of aphrodisiac experience in the heart of India. ¬†Take a break and undertake a romantic journey back into history with your partner. Visit Khajuraho – a UNESCO World Heritage site and succumb to the magic of the exotic locale. The Khajuraho Temples in the state of Madhya Pradesh are amongst the most beautiful medieval monuments …

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Spoiler alert: It's awkward, weird and kinda hilarious.

During a single strength workout, a woman's body produces higher levels of growth hormone and testosterone that play a pivotal role in sex drive.

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