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Miriam Weeks tried to keep her off-campus life as a porn star a secret, but once news broke, the backlash was almost more than she could take. Her campus critics took to the internet to vent, some even threatening her.

Next year will see the release of a movie that will test the limits of the Government's stand on sex and nudity in a local film. In The Room, a drama anthology directed by celebrated Singapore film-maker Eric Khoo, will explore themes of love and sensuality, say its makers. Photography starts this week at the soundstages of Infinite Studios at Mediapolis. Co-writer Jonathan Lim, who also runs …

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Secret clubs are cool. That's just a fact of life. Fucking and fighting are fun. That's another fact. In the spring of 2010, I was more than a little girl-crazy. The summer Pride season was on the horizon and I knew there was a lot of trouble and girls in this city that I wanted t…

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