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Dwayne Johnson will host "Saturday Night Live" for a fourth time this weekend, and if the show is as good as the promos, we may get abs just from laughing! The Rock – along with "SNL's" Bobby Moynihan – tackles a variety of subjects in the hilarious promo reel, including his potential porn name. "Hey Dwayne, if you were a porn star, what would you name be?" Bobby asks the "Furious 7" star in the …

Sex workers and tipsy women leaving pubs were the vulnerable targets of serial rapist Adrian Ernest Bayley.

American sweetheart Taylor Swift is now the legal owner of But don't worry, Swifties — the pop star's URL purchase is not part of an attempt to shake off her wholesome image. In fact, it's quite the opposite. CNN reports that Swift's team is part of "a select group of people and companies" that have been given access to some of ICANN's more controversial new generic top-level …

The Blank Space singer has bought her porn site domain names, to prevent anyone else from using them.

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A police officer "abused his position" to "satisfy his own sexual desires" over nine years, a court hears. passwords,package check cfnsite cfnsissy cfnm,site cfnupload cfnnaturism, roascfnm apple pie,cfnm sitenaykid woman,meninpai
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African women signed up for a trial to test pills and gels that can prevent HIV. They swore they were complying. Only they weren't. Reasons range from conspiracy theories to … skin care.

Ugandan singer Desire could face arrest over 'revenge porn' photos

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