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Rep. Mark Meadows introduced legislation that would ban federal employees from looking at porn during work, reports the Fiscal Times.

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At a time when same-sex marriage and gay equality are on the march, a new poll of LGBT Americans shows women lagging in several disheartening respects.

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Clare said that Ramblings – the Radio 4 programme in which she goes walking with interesting people – has turned her into an evangelist for walking.

Any sexologist across the country will tell you that today if a married couple has fixed an appointment, it is mostly the woman who steps inside the doctor’s room first.

New York, Aug 19 (IANS): The truth between the sheets is out. Women in lesbian relationships and men are more likely to reach orgasm during sex than straight women, shows a fascinating study.

GROUNDBREAKING police work has revealed nearly 3,000 women are working in Scotland's booming off-street sex industry.

As Hollywood battles to keep movie and TV shows from leaving the state, another local industry — adult entertainment — is fleeing Los Angeles.

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