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Women with a low sense of mission were about 35 percent more likely to report a history of sexually transmitted infections.

The polyamorous "sex cult" conceived by the comics' founder wasn't exactly feminist, but it was built on women-empowering, pro-queer ideals.

*When we first reported that actor Laurence Fishburne’s daughter, Montana Fishburne, was doing porn, not only were we shocked, but predicted it wouldn’t end well and we were right. Of course you didn’t have to be genius to figure that out. Montana was only 18 years old when she made her porno debut with Vivid […]

In fact they are clever, ambitious, hard working and not afraid to stand up to sex discrimination in pursuit of their professional success. "They are ambitious, but they are trying to pick their battles," said Dr Hayfaa Tlaiss, researcher and author of the study. Dr Tlaiss, an associate professor at the University of New Brunswick in Canada, interviewed 26 Emirati women who worked as managers in …

Lawsuit-happy porn studio beats a "poor sap" whose pleas of ignorance fail.

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