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London: Women who miss on orgasm should focus more on their their bodily sensations during intercourse and try to have more erotic thoughts during the act, a fascinating study reveals. Researchers found that women who regularly have orgasm have more erotic thoughts than those who did not have orgasms regularly during sex. For the study, they recruited 251 French women ages 18 to 67. First group …

The bill is now heading to Gov. Terry McAuliffe's desk, but critics say it's a case of lawmakers trying to legislate morality.

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Kolkata, Jan 13 : Beginning Jan 29, sex workers from across the country will celebrate at a six-day festival here women who defied social barriers.

Al Goldstein, the bearded, bird-flipping publisher of Screw magazine who smashed down legal barriers against pornography and raged against politicians, organized religion and anything that even suggested good taste, died Thursday, according to a friend. He was 77.

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