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The Erotic Service Providers Legal, Education and Research Project claims the state’s current anti-prostitution law violates the Constitutional rights of sex workers.

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Attempts to portray women who were forced to work in brothels as willing prostitutes at odds with mainstream historical opinion Japan’s biggest-selling newspaper has apologised for its past use of the term “sex slaves” to describe tens of thousands of women who were forced to work in Japanese military brothels before and during the second world war. The move by the Yomiuri Shimbun, a …

The porn of the future is titillating. As virtual reality matures, we'll be aroused in three-dimensional immersive alternative realities, interacting with super-lifelike porn stars customized to our taste. People will look back on our passive and lonely 2D smut and pity us. But… when? Read more…

Pennsylvania attorney general: Porn emails in scandal involved kids, violence against women

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