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Porn industry group ends 5-day production moratorium brought on by feared HIV exposure

Men today can see more hot ladies in an hour than their predecessors did in a lifetime. Technology may have changed, but the male brain hasn’t, so how does watching porn affect a man’s mind? In the above video, we're told the male brain sees each new porn star as a chance to pass on genes. The brain therefore releases dopamine into the system. Dopamine makes us feel good and is released as a …

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A new study shows that pain for women during anal sex is considered normal. It shouldn't be

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Across the world, in high- and low-income countries, women, men, and transgender people who sell sex are subjected to repressive and discriminatory law, policy, and practice, which in turn fuel human rights violations against them, including violence and discrimination. All of these factors are preventing sex workers from accessing the services which they need in order to effectively prevent and …

The Met cannot rely on its "neither confirm nor deny" policy in its legal battle with women who say they were duped into sexual relationships with two undercover officers, a judge rules.

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