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The generation that came of age in the past decade is “the world’s greatest social experiment” in terms of what unlimited access to pornography can do to the young brain

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The acceptance of women as police officers has been slow in coming, but a recent spate of hires and promotions of women in several North Jersey departments is perhaps an indication of a growing shift in attitude. Even so, current officers and law enforcement experts acknowledge that entrée into policing is riddled with challenges for women, as some people still believe they’re not cut out for …

For years we have heard about the widespread use of pornography in the American church, especially among men, but the results of a recent poll are absolutely devastating: only three percent of Christian men say they never view porn and only 25 percent say they view it less than "a few times a year."

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It’s only August, but 2014 has been a pretty wild year for Farrah Abraham.

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