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TOKYO (AP) — Japan's biggest newspaper apologized in print Friday for using the term "sex slaves" in its English-language edition to describe Asian women forced into Japanese military-run brothels during World War II.

Arizona, which on Wednesday became the 10th state to outlaw so-called “revenge porn,” has one of the strongest such laws in the US, making it a felony to post online images of people who are nude or that are sexually explicit, without getting their consent. The momentum has gathered quickly, with 27 state legislatures considering – and, in some cases, approving – bills this year to crack down on …

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It would appear hell hath no fury like a menstruating Japanese woman scorned… As The Daily Star reports, women in Tokyo are threatening a sex boycott against any man who votes for the front-runner in this weekend's critical Abenomics-vote-of-confidence gubernatorial election. The reason? Yoichi Masuzoe, a 65-year-old former political scientist, stated that it would not be proper to have women …

Kenyan women hope to stamp out practice blamed for HIV spread

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