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If we believe researchers at Indiana University, most of the women aren't achieving orgasm in casual encounters. "Only one quarter of women reliably experience orgasm through intercourse alone while another third rarely or never have orgasms from intercourse," according to a review of 32 studies conducted by Dr Elisabeth Lloyd at Indiana University. "Like generations before them, many young …

Director Ricky Saiz reveals four secrets from the set of Bey's 'Yonce' video.

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India’s epidemic of rape and sexual assaults on women has triggered waves of outrage and despair across the subcontinent, but some tech-savvy young Indians have sought to help females by operating a website that seeks to identify “safe” and “unsafe” areas for the fairer sex in the vast country.

Cinemax is moving away from late-night sexiness in favor of more mainstream original programming

Anna Holmes remembers Judy Blume's

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