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When Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg reflects on the Supreme Court's recent rulings, she sees an inconsistency.

Porn addicts get high in the same way drug addicts do when using, brain researchers have discovered. Scientists at Cambridge University examined a group of male sex addicts and found…

COLDWATER — At first glance, the home of Korean War veteran Charles Martin appears to be an abandoned house.

Hip width and risk of birth-related trauma may play a role in a woman's decision to have sex. Women who were more inclined to have one-night stands had wider hips, reveals a study into how a woman's build influences her sexual behavior. Results of the study show that the number of sexual partners a woman had is largely driven by one-night stand behavior. This, in turn, correlates with a woman's …

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Training on negotiating successful grants, a crucial need for nonprofits and other organizations, will be presented Thursday at the Gale Center, 2601 Elm Street in Hernando.

'Deep Throat' was the first porn film to be reviewed by The New York Times and opened the doors for women to enjoy and experiment with their sexuality. After 1973, porn became more mainstream.        

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