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Women with a low sense of mission were about 35 percent more likely to report a history of sexually transmitted infections.

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Authorities: 71 people in NYC area charge in child porn case, including rabbi, Scout leader

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NEW YORK (TheStreet) — Is Facebook becoming Tinder? Or the now much more tame Craigslist "Erotic Services" category? Wait, they call them "therapeutic" now!  For privacy concerns, I decided against screen capturing and publishing the "People You May Know" section from my mobile Facebook news feed on iOS. But, man, as I have clearly run out of people who I actually might even six degrees of …

The statistics of erotic Flyers fanfiction: "Note: Max Talbot's word count is slightly skewed by an outlier data point, a single 375,000-word NC-17 story." [ City Paper ] Read more…

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