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A new, steamy trailer for Fifty Shades of Grey is more intense and seductive than the first sneak-peek that came out in July. The movie's second trailer premiered Thursday night during an episode of ABC's Scandal, tantalizing fans with an opening shot of a shirtless Christian Grey, dressing in front of a meticulously organized closet. Watch the Fifty Shades trailer here.

        A bouncy castle made in the shape of giant breasts and a G-spot-themed mirror maze are among the attractions at a new exhibition at the Museum of Sex in New York. The exhibits are the brainchild of sensory artists Bompas & Parr, collaborating with Professor Vanessa Toulmin from the National Fairground Archive in the UK. The show — titled Funland: Pleasures & Perils of the Erotic …

The US survey, Accident Analysis and Prevention, found 9.3 % of women admitted to having full or partial sex while driving. The number was even higher for men, with almost a third engaging in sexual activity behind the wheel while doing speeds between 61 and 80 mph.

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