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Ben Hooper RIDGE, N.Y., Oct. 1 (UPI) — The FBI said New York man Christopher Grief, who was arrested on child porn charges, admitted to investigators he likes "to have sex with stuffed animals."

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Porn group calls off production moratorium after performer's HIV test proves false positive

Women and children are being kidnapped by armed gangs and forced to work as sex slaves in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo

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COLDWATER — At first glance, the home of Korean War veteran Charles Martin appears to be an abandoned house.

Robert Pattinson previously told Jimmy Kimmel that he likes to “lie for no reason,” so it was hard to tell just how much truth — if any — seeped out of “The Rover” star's mouth during “Jimmy Kimmel Live” on Thursday. “Have you ever had someone spit on you in a kind of erotic way?” Pattinson asked Kimmel during the interview (above). The admission, or tall tale, came after Pattinson blurted out …

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