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Many women report losing their desire for sex, some temporarily, some permanently. Is this a relationship problem, a normal aspect of life changes or, as the pharmaceutical industry maintains, an “unmet medical need”? That was the question under consideration for two days of…

Talking about Saudi Arabia, international reports and analyses usually raise the issue of Saudi women being deprived of their rights. In fact, these reports and analyses are written in accordance with the western perception of human rights that they think are suitable for every country.

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Ex-Senate staffer charged in child porn case released from jail

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Washington, Dec 05 : For women, passing midlife can deal a blow to their sex drive, however two new studies have offered hope to women who want to get their sexual mojo back.

Within 20 seconds of tonight's Channel 4 documentary, we're told that online porn is "turning our kids into psychopaths". At that point I almost gave up, but I'm glad I didn't Britain has come a long way since 1986 when TV's red triangle would warn of (what sounds to my Australian ear as) "sex wheel imagery". Nowadays the most extreme hardcore pornography is just a few clicks away on the …

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