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Hundreds of people have protested against new porn laws with a 'mass face-sitting' outside Westminster. Radhika Sanghani went to witnesses the carnage

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A new study has revealed that women reach their sexual peak much earlier than men, as it was found that women were having the best sex at 26, as opposed to the long-held belief of 35, and men were having the best sex at 32, as opposed to the age of 18.

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Hormones play less of a role than previously thought, Michigan researchers found.

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A "boob-mad" policeman abused his status and position by having sex with three women at their homes while on duty, a court has heard. Pc Chris Young also persuaded a fourth woman to perform a sex act on him in a corridor after being tasked with investigating a report of shop-lifting, Derby Crown Court was told. Young, 47, denies committing seven counts of misconduct in a public office while …

Miriam Weeks tried to keep her off-campus life as a porn star a secret, but once news broke, the backlash was almost more than she could take. Her campus critics took to the internet to vent, some even threatening her.

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