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New York, July 12 (IANS) Do you intend to wear a red shirt to your boss's birthday party tonight? It has previously been evidenced that men perceive women wearing red as more attractive and sexually receptive, but women do feel threatened by females wearing "erotic" red in a social gathering, thinking they are looking out for sex. It will not happen in every situation, but be alert of the …

This month, the company asked over 1,000 adults just how important oral sex is to them, and their answers may surprise you. Just over 73% of the men polled, and 60% of the women polled, said they believe giving and/or receiving oral sex is an important part of sex. Twenty-six percent of the men and 40% of the women polled said oral sex is not important to them. "Oral sex can be a fun …

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A University of Central Florida student is arrested after he's connected to a case of suspected "revenge porn." Campus police said 20-year-old Sean Shahid got mad at an ex-girlfriend who talked to officers about another case, then posted nude pictures of her online. Shahid is in jail, charged with stalking and tampering with a witness, but not posting the pictures, which isn't illegal in Florida …

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