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Women over 40 are buying sexier, more risqué underwear than younger women, as well as toys, sex games and role-playing pieces, say new sales statistics.

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HERNANDO — For the first time in its history, the Crystal Ball, the Community Foundation of Northwest Mississippi's main annual fund raiser, is sold out.

NANCHANG, Jan. 24 — The plight of China's "left-behind" rural women, who have long repressed their sexual needs with their husbands away working urban jobs, has grabbed the attention of local political advisors.

POLICE are hunting a slimly built man believed to be responsible for serious sex assaults in Melbourne's CBD in the early hours of the morning.

The notion of women witholding intimacy is as old as Lysistrata. They guarantee publicity just not always results The women of Colombia are at it again , reportedly refusing to have sex for a greater good. Two years after their first sex strike , women in the small town of Barbacaos in south-west Colombia have again renounced any sexual activity until their original demands – fully paved roads …

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