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SHE is the 51st shade of grey. EL James, the author of erotic novels that earn her a reputed £1m a week, complains that being middle-aged makes her anonymous.

When Japan’s Supreme Court recently ruled in favor of a physical therapist who claimed her employer had practiced “maternity harassment” by demoting her when she became pregnant, it was a victory for a female workforce that struggles for equal treatment.

The African Union is launching an investigation into sex abuse allegations against its troops in Somalia.

SOUTHAVEN— Today, DeSoto County will pause to remember the nearly 3,000 individuals who lost their lives during the terrorist attack on the nation on Sept. 11, 2001.

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There's really only one thing that progressives get wrong: human nature. This leads them into error on economics, where they imagine they can micromanage billions of individual decisions every day; foreign policy, in which they overestimate the appeal of "talks" and underestimate the ferocity and opportunism of aggressors; and sex, in which, well, where to begin?

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