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People in England and Wales could now be jailed if they are caught posting intimate pictures or videos of an ex-partner online.

Justice Minister Peter MacKay is warning MPs that prostitution will be decriminalized if his proposed legislation isn't in place by the end of the year, but says he expects a Supreme Court challenge if Parliament passes the bill into law.

Brazil's government has closed down sex hotels, supported groups that work with at-risk children, and encouraged reporting of abuse. Between a cluster of bars in this small coastal town, middle-aged European men hover around dozens of fresh-faced Brazilian women in tight dresses.

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SAVANNAH, Georgia (AP) — A Mexican national was sentenced to life in federal prison Wednesday for his role in what prosecutors called a sex trafficking ring that brought women into the U.S. from Mexico and other countries and traded them like slaves between several states.

A Justice Department investigation accuses Alabama officials of violating women’s rights by fostering an environment of rampant sexual abuse at the state’s Tutwiler Prison, where inmates “universally fear for their safety” and officers allegedly forced women to engage in sex acts just to obtain basic sanitary supplies.        

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