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( Penn State ) From motherhood to menopause, from marriage to divorce, women's sexual experiences have profound — and often unexpected — effects on not just their sexuality, but also on their feelings of self-worth, according to a Penn State Abington sociologist.

After distributing the popular first movie in 1974, he created dozens of sequels for film, TV and video

Women and children are being kidnapped by armed gangs and forced to work as sex slaves in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, the medical charity Doctors Without Borders (MSF) said Wednesday. "Victims have been held as sex slaves — sometimes for months at a time — and sexually assaulted violently by several men, several times a day," MSF psychologist Ana Maria Tijerino said in a statement …

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Several porn stars have taken to Twitter to complain that Chase has shut down their accounts, and the Department of Justice has been accused of being behind the moral policing.

The Royal Opera brings Cavalli's comic-erotic 17th-century entertainment to London's newest performance space

The number of erotic novels borrowed from libraries has risen nearly 500 per cent in the last year, in what has also been dubbed the Fifty Shades of Grey effect.

A man from China who kept women as sex slaves in a dungeon he had set up in the Henan province has been executed. Li Hao, 36, was sentenced to death in November 2012 after being found guilty of murder, rape, illegal detention, organised prostitution and making pornography for profit.

Surrey Women's Centre working to improve and coordinate services for victims of physical and sexual assault.

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