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Naomi Wilzig, the octogenarian purveyor of erotic art, has died. Wilzig's private collection of erotic art spanning the centuries has been on display at the World Erotic Art Museum for a decade, amusing and informing curious locals and tourists alike on Miami Beach. The product of an orthodox Jewish family, Wilzig told Local 10 in March that she knew she did not fit the description of an erotic …

When you think about it, porn and sport are actually pretty obvious bedfellows (pardon the pun). There are regular, sweaty displays of remarkable stamina. Everyone involved is fiercely competitive and enjoys showing off their physical attributes.

WITH revenge porn set to be made a criminal offence south of the border one victim tells of her hell at the hands of a jilted boyfriend.

The release of Sam Taylor-Johnson’s Fifty Shades of Grey offered an intriguing insight into contemporary Anglo-Saxon attitudes to erotic cinema. Pre-release, there was lively speculation as to its presumed transgressive qualities.

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