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Strategies to end the trafficking of women for the sex trade are the focus of a report released Tuesday by the Canadian Women's Foundation. The report contains 34 recommendations on how to end the trafficking, said Diane Redsky, project director of the human trafficking task force for the foundation. "The biggest risk factor to sex trafficking is just being a girl," Redsky said, noting the …

The acceptance of women as police officers has been slow in coming, but a recent spate of hires and promotions of women in several North Jersey departments is perhaps an indication of a growing shift in attitude. Even so, current officers and law enforcement experts acknowledge that entrée into policing is riddled with challenges for women, as some people still believe they’re not cut out for …

Young women who read the popular “Fifty Shades of Grey” series are more likely to be practicing unsafe behaviors than those who have steered clear of the erotic novels, a new study found.

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Women should be allowed to embrace their natural sexuality without harassment or fear of being criticized. Students need to understand that sex is an emotional, physical and, above all, natural thing.

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Women's charities and one of the UK's leading online support groups have told Newsbeat they're dealing with a rise in complaints about "revenge porn".

Tokyo, Feb 8 (ANI): Japanese women have warned men that if they vote for governor candidate Yoichi Masuzoe, who had claimed in 1989 that menstruation makes women unfit for government, then they could say goodbye to sex. According to Japan Times, a new campaign titled "The association of women who will not have sex with men who vote for Masuzoe" on Twitter has collected almost 3,000 followers …

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